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Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Faculty of Forest Sciences


  • “Skogis” at Umeå
  • Skinnskatteberg

One third of all biological research in Sweden is carried out at SLU (The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences). Umeå is one of SLU’s four main campuses. There are 600 students and 450 staff. Umeå, with its eight departments, is the main location of the Faculty of Forest Sciences.

The Faculty of Forest Sciences offers four programmes and some 80 additional courses. The programmes in Umeå are:

  • Forestry 4,5 years / 5 years. The programme offers an opportunity to combine forestry with biology, ecology, environmental conservation and also with technology, economics and marketing. A specialisation is chosen among forest management, biology, soil science, or economics.
  • Environmental monitoring – forestry, soils, and water, 4 years. The programme offers a possibility to specialize in environmental analysis and monitoring. The programme is offered in collaboration with Umeå School of Environment.
  • Managing wildlife and fish populations, 2 years, is a new MSc programme.

SLU’s School for Forest Engineers in Skinnskatteberg offers a BSc in Forest Engineering. The Forest Engineering student is being trained to meet the needs of society’s different sectors for middle management staff in terms of practical forest management, planning, administration, wood trade, advisory services, etc.

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