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Course report: Wildlife Management at Nødebo, Denmark

Text and pictures by Grete Kendaru, Etsonian University of Life Sciences.

Wildlife Management in Densely Populated Areas course in Denmark lasted from 23.april-10.may. I started my trip from Estonia, took a bus to Riga and from there an airplane to Copenhagen. Arrived to Copenhagen I had to face my first challenge of this journey- get to Skovskolen (destination) by instructions. Being a foreigner and visiting first time Denmark, it seemed a bit frightening. But without any setbacks I arrived at Nødebo, village where Skovskolen was located and was my new home for 3 weeks. I had a lovely student from Skovskolen to welcome me, showed me around and introduced to the school area. All foreigners of this course arrived on Sunday- one lithuanian, 2 finnish girls and me, estonian.

Our course subject was wildlife management and during this course we visited many interesting places, met fascinating specialists and met wonderful people from different countries. Our course teachers were Nick and Susanna, who were always ready to help us, explain something to us and always greeted us with a big smile on their faces.

Our schedule was pretty tight- lectures were planned mostly from 8.30-16.00 or 16.30 and several times a week we had excursions and lectures in another location. In the first week of our stay we went for a excursion to Copenhagen twice – to visit University of Copenhagen, professor Per Moestrup Jensen who talked about zoonoses transmitted by wildlife species and to visit airport  hosted by wildlife manager and biologist Camilla Rosenquist. Second week we had guest lecturers, demonstration about tracking dog and also an excursion to Danish Society for Animal Protection. Third week was mostly for us to focus and finish up our group assignments, but still had one last but not least, very interesting visit to University of Copenhagen, about wildlife diseases.


During these 3 weeks there was also 2 holidays, so we had time to look around and visit sightseeings. All of the students of this course and also native students of Skovskolen were friendly towards us and we had plenty of social activities at campus, so in my opinion we got along very well. It’s always interesting to hear about others school and study systems. Overall I was more than happy about this course, I was really sad that those 3 weeks went by so fast and had to leave. But I was happy to hear about wildlife management, about Denmarks struggles and accomplishments, it was thrilling to listen all of the lecturers. And most of all, I am glad that I got a chance to meet all of those amazing and spectacular human beings.




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