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Course report: Forest management for enhanced wind resistance 2018

Text and Pictures by Rasmus Miehe Sørensen & Oliver Andersen, Nødebo Skovskole, DK.

A tale of going abroad for a taste of the Finnish archipelago

When the possibility of going to Finland for two weeks to study arose, me and me friend Oliver decided to go without hesitation. We had often heard of the wonders of Finland and the beauty of both country and people. We arrived in Helsinki a couple of days before the course, to check out the blooming capitol famous for its architecture and rich culture. After a couple of fantastic days in the capital, we were so lucky as to get picked up by Mats, a very enthusiastic student from NOVIA in Ekenäs, where the course was held.

We learned some approaches to forestry management concerning windthrows, but we also gained a broader perspective and new insights of forestry culture much different from what we’re used to. During the course there were many exciting field-excursions, where cases of windfall were examined. We also had a day of drone flying to get an understanding in how drones can be used in mapping windthrows. The course ended with a big group project, mapping risk areas for wind damage in a forest.

Luckily there was also a lot of time for recreation and as a part of the course, we visited Jussarö. It is an island with a forest reserve that is only reachable by boat. It has a long history of different land uses as it once contained a large mine.

Overall the trip to Finland was a great experience and if you plan to go the course with hopes of experiencing the sauna-culture, your Finnish Odyseé will not be in vain!

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