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Network meeting in Evenstad, Norway

The network Meeting, summariazed by two of our student representatives.

Contribution from Charlotte Arndt Jensen, Urban Landscape Engineer student & Cecilie Brostrup Larsen, Forestry and Landscape Engineer student. Skovskolen, Denmark.

This September we went to the annual network meeting with NordNatur. It was held at the INN University at campus Evenstad in Norway, which is located near a beautiful lake and surrounded by forests – and what a pleasure it was to participate in the meeting!

We arrived at Evenstad Wednesday with perfect autumn weather; nothing but blue sky and the forest surrounding the campus glowing green, orange and yellow.

During the three-day meeting we heard presentations from students, who this year had participated in courses by NordNatur or had gotten scholarships for intenships in Nordic countries.

As a student it was really nice to hear other student’s experiences with both NordNatur courses and the possibilities for traveling grants – and it sure made us want to use the opportunities that Nordnatur offers.

Also, with the students from Norway and Finland we used the meeting to discuss how to communicate the opportunities NordNatur offers. We all agreed that we need to make more students aware of NordNatur. A new facebook-page and flyers to put in the universities were just some of the thoughts and ideas we discussed for making NordNatur more visible.

Beside the planning-stuff we also had the pleasure see Campus Evensted: Their brand new teaching and administration building described as “the world’s most environmentally friendly building” was rather impressive! We also had the pleasure to meet not just one but two moose in the Moose Center close to Evenstad campus.

The new mainbuilding at Evensatd


On Friday, the last day of the meeting, we all went on an excursion to Dovrefjell National Park. Here we had lunch at the beautiful pavilion with the most amazing view overlooking Snøhetta Mountain. And we were lucky to spot a muskox!!

Snøhetta viewpoint


Overall it was a great experience to participate in the network meeting! It’s been really nice and useful to meet both students and teachers from other Nordic countries, to discuss how to promote NordNatur and gain great insight into what other universities are focusing on at the moment. For example, we were introduced to “bioeconomic”; a term we haven’t heard being used in Denmark yet, but it could be just a matter of time before that’s a common word in Denmark as well.

Almost all participants gatherd under the world`s biggest mouse

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