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More succesfull staff mobility between NordNatur partners

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This April Linas Daubaras from Kaunas Forestry and Environmental Engineering University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania, went to HAME University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Built Environment (Finland), using a NordNatur travel grant and scholarship.

After completion of the staff mobility, he kindly shares his experiences:

I gave the presentations for Landscape Architecture students of HAMK. The main topics were: overview of landscape architecture, landscape design and gardening background in Lithuania, and recent situation of it. The presentation was based not only on theorethical knowledge, but also and especially on my practical work for 18 years as the owner of the gardening company. During the presentation we had a fruitful discussion with the students.

Another theme was: comparison of the gardening situation in Finland and Lithuania. I tried to point out some trends and ideas, which seem to be better in Finland, than in Lithuania. We made a conclusion, that there are problems, which are common for both countries.

The last theme was about the prices of gardening material. We compared them, and we found out, that they are rather similar, although the living standard of our two countries is quite different.

I also had meetings and discussions with the staff of Lepaa campus. During those discussions we decided to begin closer cooperation in Horticulture programs, because HAMK has it for a long time, and we in Kaunas started it in 2016, so Finnish experience can be very useful for us.

It was also interesting for me to discover changes of Lepaa campus and the teaching process there, because I had visited Lepaa 8 years ago. 

It was a very useful visit.

Clearly, this was yet another successful exchange, which shows the importance of exchange between the different NordPlus countries (Nordic and Baltic States). NordNatur welcomes more staff members from partner institutions to apply for a staff mobility scholarship. More info about NordNatur scholarships you’ll find here:
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the NordNatur coordinator:

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