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Successful staff exchange – get inspired and apply for a scholarship as well!

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Picture: Madara Markova 


Last year a staff member from Kaunas Forestry and Environmental Engineering University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania (Linas Daubaras), went on a staff exchange to Latvia University of Agriculture, with support of a NordNatur scholarship for staff exchange. Read more about his experiences here. This spring it was time to do the exchange the other way around:
Latvia til Kaunas

Madara Markova went to Lithuania for an interesting week with teaching, a conference and a field trip. Also this exchange was financially supported by NordNatur staff exchange.
After completion of the staff mobility it is required to write a short evaluation, which can be shared with others through the NordNatur website. Please find here Madaras experiences (slightly adjusted by me):

During the exchange week I was involved in teaching at Kaunas. Lectures about town planning in Latvia in comparison with other European cities were given, as well as about the tasks of landscape elements – multi functionality, sustainability and interaction with ecosystem services (accompanied by precise territory). In addition, examples (both success stories and failures) were given in landscape architecture everyday work, in the context of using new materials and technologies.

I also participated in the conference “Landscape Creation Process 2017” with a presentation – “Trends of the Landscape Formation”, and I took part in discussions afterwards.

When it coms to landscape architecture you’re not only learning inside the class room, but outside as well! Therefore I also joined a field trip in and around Kaunas. The field trip gave a better impression about Lithuania’s existing situation in landscape architecture, which helped to have more fruitful discussions with the students. Latvia and Lithuania are small neighbouring countries, but the existing situation in landscape architecture (field and planning tendencies) is different. Communication with new professionals and students gave the hope that we can learn more from each other in future.

Clearly, this was a successful exchange as well, and it shows the importance of exchange between the different NordPlus countries (Nordic and Baltic States). NordNatur therefore welcomes more staff members from partner institutions to apply for a staff mobility scholarship. More info about NordNatur scholarships you’ll find here:
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the NordNatur coordinator:

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