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Christmas tree trade in Lapland University of Applied Sciences

Contribution from: Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland (Tapio Sironen )

For decades the society of forest students (Rovaniemen Metsäpojat) has earned money for the society´s activities by selling Christmas trees at the market place. Nowadays they deliver Christmas trees straight to their customers´ homes. Because the students are only allowed to take undergrowth spuces in the state forrest, the Christmas trees are not of best quality. Mpumfeedzamuspo See the pictures below for an impression:
Metsäpojat are looking for Cristmas trees
Students from Rovaniemen Metsäpojat are looking for Christmas trees.

Days are short at Polar circle in December
The days are short around the polar circle in December, so not much time per day to harvest Christmas trees!

Metsäpojat deliver  Cristmas trees to their customers
Students from Rovaniemen Metsäpojat deliver the trees at their curstomers’ doorstep.

All the best for 2017!



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