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Annual NordNatur network meeting 2016 at Hvanneyri (Iceland)

Contribution from: Häme University of Applied Sciences, Finland (Nina Kokkonen and Ulla-Maija Knuutti )

Hvanneyri Campus



Hvanneyri Campus

The annual NordNatur network meeting this year was held from 12th to 14th of September at the Agricultural University of Iceland (Hvanneyri).

Every year during the network meeting the annual planning of new intensive courses and cooperation between partner institutions is discussed. Planning is done together with participating teachers and students. Also this year, the list of all new interesting intensive courses is long. Gresocarefev . Partner institutions are now preparing the financing application to the NordPlus network. Hopefully as many courses as possible will be arranged and realized for network students!

There was also time to look around at this fantastic place:

Bilde 2 WP_20160913_13_39_37_Pro
Meeting icelandic “campus” horses

Bilde 3 WP_20160913_13_53_44_Pro
Beautiful landscape next to Hvanneyri Campus

Bilde 5 WP_20160914_10_01_42_Pro
Sheep round-up

Bilde 1 WP_20160911_09_09_42_Pro
Forestry in Iceland by the numbers


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